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The Anti-Feminist Message Girls’ Toys Send




7 Keys To Effective Teen Parenting, Because Growing Up Is Optional For Teenage Boys. Plus, “it’s Time” A Modern Day Rite Of Passage For Teenage Boys. Practical Tools And Strategies For Parenting Todays Adolescent Boys.

By Neveen Gohar

“Children learn through play” is a sentence that every parent, psychologist and daycare center owner has said and heard repeatedly for many years. One of the issues that still exist is the baby-like toys that toy companies market for little girls. Those are toys that essentially require the child to feed, dress and often change the diaper of and give medicine to a baby-shaped doll. Some toys go as far as applying teething medications or potty training a doll. Little girls don’t really have maternal instincts, but they do love to care for other people, especially if they grow in a family where they are taught to help with their younger sibling or do things around the house. As a society, this is one of the many things we do to confuse and devastate our girls. We allow them to grow up with the idea that as girls their natural role is to have a family and care for other people and then we scold them in their mid-twenties for not having proper careers or not being feminist enough!

While boys enjoy the sports and other forms of physically active play, girls may not be interested by nature to participate in it. Allowing girls to participate exclusively in doll play, or worse, limiting them to motherly roles creates a gender difference since the earliest days and subliminally implies what the future roles are supposed to be. Some people may see these toys as an advantage because they teach kindness, participation and responsibility or even regard it as a preparation for their future motherhood. I oppose this idea in several ways. First, you can teach your kids, boys and girls, kindness and generosity by other role-playing games, even more effectively if you include siblings of different genders in the same game. This spares your children any gender difference and reinforces the fact that they are equals. Additionally, these toys are marketed to girls who are way younger than the age when they are expected become mothers, so whatever it is they do now will never be a glimpse of what they are supposed to do later. In other words, it underestimates and dramatizes what it is really like to be a mother.

Additionally, when the baby-like toys are marketed to and advertised in television by little girls, it becomes a “girl” thing and boys get the message that it is not for them. Accordingly, they connect taking care of babies with motherhood and see it as “not our job”, especially when they live in a society that shames them into avoiding anything girlish. We are telling our boys that they will never take care of a baby, now or ever, because it is a “girl” thing.

In my opinion, allowing children to play with baby-like dolls is something we can either do for kids of both genders or never at all. We can either teach children that the concept of taking care of babies of not restricted to a certain gender, or avoid the toy altogether until they are old enough to understand concepts without being subconsciously taught something false.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Neveen_Gohar


Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Cell Phone

By Kat Featherton

It is a big deal for a child to get a cell phone, no matter how old they are. Since cell phones can be expensive, it’s important for parents to make sure that their children are responsible enough to have this bit of technology.

Displays Material Responsibility

Children will need to be able to take care of their phones and respect the fact that they are entrusted with a serious piece of technology. Most cellular phones have so much technology today that they,ay as well be a small computer, radio, and communication device all in one. Your child may not think this is a big deal because just about everyone has one today, but he or she needs to understand that this is an expensive piece of equipment and treat it as such. You can measure their ability to be responsible by observing the following behaviors:

  • Is willing to work to earn money, points, or other method of compensation.
  • Keeps room clean.
  • Takes care of other material items.
  • Keeps current electronics clean and in good repair.
  • Is willing to contribute to the cost of the phone and monthly service fees, even if you don’t require it.

Displays Cyber Responsibility

Real time unlimited communication comes with its own responsibilities. If you can’t trust your child when he or she is at home on the family computer or gaming system, then your really don’t want to turn your child loose unsupervised with a cell phone. It’s not just handing your child a tool that gives them unlimited access to the world, it’s dangerous to your child because of the other people in this world and how they might behave. Cyber responsibilities are displayed through the following behaviors:

  • Gives parents access to social media and email accounts.
  • Does not hide passwords.
  • Uses appropriate behavior online, sharing age appropriate graphics and other images.
  • Discusses online issues with parents and either knows “friends” online or ask parental permission before approving them.

Cyber and material responsibility are both important. Cyber responsibilities in particular are important for safety reasons. If the settings on a cellular phone are not as private as possible, people could locate your child via GPS. If you are considering selling your old smartphone to buy a new one for your child, make sure he or she understands the responsibilities that come with it. Otherwise, you made need to ease your child into the responsibility of cellular technology.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kat_Featherton


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month – Get Involved!‏

April’s arrival brings with it the potential for many wonderful memories with the children you love. Winter melts away to the blossom of spring, the Easter bunny brings eggs and candy for kids to find and enjoy, and park days and outdoor adventures become regular weekend activities.

April also marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month and National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. What better time to take action and protect children, creating safer environments for them to develop happy memories free of the trauma of child sexual abuse?


This April, here are three ways you can help protect kids:

  1. Use social media to spread awareness. Change your profile pic and/cover photo to one graphics below. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – all provide great opportunities to share the message of child sexual abuse prevention with your friends.
  2. Learn The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM. Find out how five practical actions can help keep children safe where they live, learn, and play.
  3. Join the Movement to end child sexual abuse. Once you join, you’ll receive monthly e-mails with empowering tips and advice on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

A happy, healthy childhood should be every kid’s right. Help make it a reality.